Smart Charger LEM 61220

Smart Charger 6 / 12V / 2A

Memory Function, Fully Interactive, MCU controlled program, Fast Charging Technology, Power Factor Correction, Complete Protection, All Types of Battery, Abnormally protection, Recovery Mode, Extendable Connectors, Cold/AGM Mode.

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SMART CHARGER ® 6 / 12 V – 3,8A

  • Battery Voltage: 6V / 12V
  • Voltage selection: Automatic
  • Min-Max capacity of battery for charging: 6-42A(12v2A) / 1.2-14A(12v0.8A) / 1.2-14A(6v0.8A)
  • Max. battery capacity for maintenance: 100A
  • Charging current (Amp.): 6V 0,8A +/-10% / 12V 2,0A +/-10%
  • Battery types: WET, MF, GEL, AGM, Ca-Ca
  • Charging program: Constant current
  • Ambient temperature, output is reduced automatically at high temp: Reduced output power at higher temperature
  • IP Protection: IP65



Battery clamp


O-Ring terminal

Temperature sensor

The most innovative and advanced charger is now introduced.

It can charge wide range of 6 and 12V SLA batteries. Additional battery rescue function, compact size, light weight, water resistance and dust rating of IP65 are added values of this charger.



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