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Only one or two LEDs light when the test button is pressed on the Start Booster, the charger has been plugged in for over 12 hours charging and there is no change in status of the other three LEDs.

Check if the charger is charging. The charger should be warm and it also has charge status LEDs. Also check if the internal fuse in the cigar lighter plug is burned or defective. (The fuse in the cigar lighter plug may be accessed or replaced by unscrewing the metal tip of the cigar lighter plug.)

The Start Booster is fully charged but will not start an engine.

Possible defective vehicle battery. Check the clamp connections and make sure vehicle terminals are clean and free of any corrosion. Make sure the connections with the red voltage selection connector, cables and clamps are correct and not damaged. Check the 500A fuse for damage. (The 500A fuse may be accessed or replaced by removing the external cover and removing the auto-locking nuts.)

I have charged the Start Booster. When testing the Start Booster, no LEDs light.

Make sure the red voltage selection connector is plugged into 12V before testing the Start Booster. It is possible there is a deeply discharged or damaged Start Booster battery. Possible damaged LED circuit. Have an authorized agent of the manufacturer inspect the unit.

When trying to use an accessory through the 12V cigar lighter socket on the Start Booster, I hear a clicking sound from the Start Booster.

The accessory may be drawing too many amps or the accessory may have a problem such as a short circuit. Make sure the accessory you are attempting to use does not draw too much current or, if it may be damaged or defective, do not use the accessory. Have any potentially damaged or defective accessory inspected by a certified electronic technician for the accessory manufacturer.


How can I test the battery in my Start Booster to see if it needs to be replaced?

We recommend that you use a 100 amp battery load tester. Load the Start Booster battery for 6 seconds with a 100 amp load and it should maintain at least 9V DC.

I have a regular 10amp battery charger. Can I use it to charge a Start Booster?

No, only the originally supplied fully automatic charger can be used.

How many jump starts can a fully charged Start Booster do before needing to be recharged?

1 to 30, depending on: temperature, general condition of the vehicle, engine type and size.

What is the ideal temperature of the Start Booster?

Room temperature. The Start Booster will also operate at below zero temperatures; however, the power will be less. Never attempt to charge or boost a frozen battery. Intense heat will activate self-discharge of the battery.

Can the Start Booster’s battery be replaced?

Yes. Contact your nearest distributor for replacement of a battery.

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